The Best Fitness Tracking Apps

The Best Fitness Tracking Apps to Monitor Your Progress

In the race for a healthier, slimmer body, you should count on any kind of help you can get. Technology has also joined the game and now offers athletes and amateurs various tools, gadgets and apps to keep them entertained with music while exercising, measure their blood pressure and heart rate, and show them how many calories have burned.

The Best Fitness Tracking Apps to Monitor Your Progress

While many trainers recommend not keeping your eyes on the fitness tracker every moment and monitoring every step, because it may de-motivate and disappoint you, people still use fitness tracking apps and gadgets. Some of these people are not obsessed with immediate weight loss, so the use of these gadgets and apps is actually stimulating them to work out harder. Others need them to stay focused on their training routines.


Whatever the case may be, fitness apps are extremely popular among many gym goers. Since we are here to provide you with the best advice for everything, we looked into the (very large) range of fitness apps available for Android and iOS and, after testing a few, we decided on the ones we liked best. We made this choice with the average user in mind. Our main selection criteria were accuracy, price, ease of use, and range of information provided by the apps.


Now then, these are the best fitness tracking apps we found:


  1. Charity Miles

This app is recommended for people who stay fit by using the treadmill or free running. It is available for free both in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. What really determined us to pick this app among our favourites is that it does not only help you keep track of the miles you’ve run, it also helps you do a good deed. You can pick a charity of your choice and for every mile you’ve run the app management team will donate a few cents to that charity.


We believe that this app is a great way to motivate people to exercise. The longer they run, the more money is donated to charities, and the more pounds they lose. It is a win-win situation for everyone.


  1. Couch to 5K

Ever wanted to take part in a public marathon or any other similar sports event? However, looking at your less than fit body, you are discouraged. This is about to change, once you install Couch to 5K app – free for iOS and Android. This app is your personal trainer, offering you an 8-week training program, with three workout sessions per week to get you in a great shape for the next long distance running event in your city.


  1. Fitbit

This is the official app for the wearable fitness tracking device with the same name. It is available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play for free and it is a complete monitoring system of your workout routines and your diet. It offers real time readings of your heart rate, miles run and number of steps, allows you to input what you have eaten and to set goals (in terms of losing calories burned or miles run). It is a fully customisable app, very easy to use and offers accurate readings.


  1. Sworkit

This app is your personal trainer if you are not sure what type of exercise you should do. Simply input the type of workout you are interested in (cardio, weight training, stretching) and the amount of time you have available for training and the app will create a personalised training program for you. If you opt for the premium version of this app ($4.99 per month), you can add even more customised features, such as the areas of the body you want to work on and the number of training sessions per day or week you want to engage in.


  1. Endomondo

Endomondo is your trusted tracking for cycling, running and various other outdoor activities. It has great accuracy and a simple, user-friendly interface. If you want more customisation, you can opt for the premium version ($5.99 per month or $29.99 per year) and gain access to various training plans and coaching tips.