This Really Grinds My Gears

This really really really grinds my gears ..

Late cancellations –

What really annoys me more is that a lot of you reading this ACCEPT it.

Today is the day you stop this – Today is the day you respect yourself enough to not allow this..

How do you do it?

1. Get a booking system of some sort, and pay for a decent one!
2. Book the client in and the automated mail reminds them that they forfeit the price of the session if they don’t turn up.
3. Take the FULL payment off them before the session ever takes place. Better still get them on a direct debit system.. Tonnes of them out there,
4. Send me a mail to thank me because I’m a genius.

Do the maths, if you have a group session and you lose just €30 a week – that’s €1560 a year..

How much is your rent this month again?

Never let the lunatics run the asylum.

Coach Hare