Time is Money – How Fit Pros Manage Their Marketing

Time Is Money – How Fit Pros Manage Their Marketing

Running a fitness business is a tricky thing these days. For one, there are lots of fitness pros doing the same thing. They promote their signature routine, they market their fitness diet, and they advertise their gym…

Did you note the words I used in the last sentence? “Promote, market, advertise.” That’s what I want to talk about today. I want to talk to you about promoting your fitness business and how to build a marketing and advertising plan which brings you the desired results in a short time. Because, as trite and corny as it sounds, time is money. And shed kilos for your clients.

But there will be no money in your account and no shopping trip for clothes two sizes smaller for your clients if you do not build and execute a great online marketing plan. So, how do you set up this plan? There’s one simple answer: do what the fit pros do.

Let’s sneak a peek into their top strategies:

1. Barter

Bartering is a great solution if you have potential for growth but a very small promotion budget. What do you do then? You find a business which is in your niche but not a direct competitor and you swap and offer promotional vouchers with them or create bundles of both your products and services.

For example, your fitness business could promote a bio energy drink, while the energy drink business promotes your fitness routine. It’s a win-win situation for both businesses and a great way to increase awareness, reach a larger potential audience and, ultimately, gain more clients.

2. Social Media

Well, I could write an entire white paper on social media marketing for fitness businesses, but for now I’ll focus on the basics. Social media is the new public place where people meet their friends, make new friends, ask for help with their problems and find solutions. What you have to do is become your potential clients’ friend, listen to their problems and provide the solution.

How do you do it? That’s another long story, but I’ll go a little in depth with this one. You must be an active presence on several social media platforms, but at least on two of them: Facebook and YouTube. YouTube is obvious – you share videos of your fitness training. Fit pros have great YouTube channels with promos, snippets of training and a few helpful tips – nothing very detailed, but just enough to build authority on their competence and skills.

As for Facebook, this is the social media platform with the largest number of unique visitors per day – the ideal place to insert ads, offers, promotions, and the like.

3. Up Selling and Cross Selling

This is an old tested and proven technique from the heydays of telemarketing. The theory is simple: your existing customer base is your prime target for more selling. Create tiered services and start moving your clients up the value scale from basic to platinum. Develop complementary products, such as the daily diet or the ultimate eBook for summer training, and promote it to your customers.

In truth, people do expect something more from you. If they are loyal customers, they expect to receive increased value from you, and are willing to pay for it. Why should you deny them this? All fitness pros cultivate their client relationships just as carefully as they maintain their physique.

4. Customer Referral Programmes

This one never gets old, in any line of business. Why should you try hard to convince people that you are really good at what you do, when you already have your spokespersons? That’s right – these are your customers. If they recommend your fitness business to their friends, the recommendation will have the ring of authenticity.

So, what do your customers get for becoming the promoters of your business? You can offer them a freebie for each recommendation, or a system of discounts per number of friends they convert into your customers.

Now that you know what fit pros do to make their business successful, there is no reason to delay any more. Every day that passes without proper promotion for your fitness business is a lost day – so start making every day and hour count.

Coach Hare