Top Reasons Why the Fitness World Cannot Survive without Social Media

The fitness world is a visual world… so where can you show off your muscles better than on the social media? It is not a rhetorical question, but a genuine one. And it needs to be asked because many fitness businesses still do not take advantage of the power of Twitter marketing, Instagram, Pinterest and even Vine. How will you reach your clients if they don’t know that you exist? How will you convince them to sign up for your training sessions if they cannot see how good you are?

These and many other questions will be answered in this article. It is not meant as a “told you so”, condescending shaking of the head, but more like an eye opener. So, let me start with one clear statement: your fitness business must be present on the social media or it will perish. It is as simple as that. Now, let me justify my statement with solid evidence.

1. All the Pros Do It

Does it sound too simplistic and schematic? It is not – it is the bare truth. If successful trainers and fitness pros use the social media to promote their business, so should you. They became famous because of the social media and now they continue to harness its influence to stay relevant and get more clients for their business.

What’s great about the social media is that you can become friends with almost anyone, so you can connect with the fitness celebrities and gain some traction from their large group of followers. So, start making famous friends and share each other’s content.

2. Social Media Is the Modern Equivalent of Word of Mouth

Remember when you asked around for a good plumber or electrician? Now everyone posts the question on the social media and their friends answer with links to various web pages or social media profiles. This is exactly what your fitness business can benefit from. And if you add Twitter marketing to your social media plan, you can go even further. The reason for this is that Twitter has opened its advertising platform only a few months ago. It is still unexplored territory and you can become one of the pioneers cutting the first trails.

3. It Is a Cost-Effective Method of Promoting Your Business

Traditional advertising in newspapers, on the TV and on large outdoor billboards is very expensive and it is no longer as effective as it used to be. People spend a large portion of their spare time online – browsing their social media pages most frequently. So, the best places where you should advertise is the virtual world where your potential clients spend their time.

Plus, it is really cost-effective to plan a Facebook or Twitter marketing campaign. You pay per the number of people who see your ads, so you can refine your target audience and send your ads only to people who are likely to become your clients.

4. You Can Build Your Brand Faster

Social media followers become your advocates. If they like your content, they share it and all their friends can see it. Your brand becomes more and more visible and easy to remember the more it is shared. In this way, your fitness business can become as well known as the top fitness gurus – and you won’t have to spend a fortune for promotion and advertising.

5. You Can Connect with Your Potential Clients in a Direct Manner

How do you know what your customers expect from your business? You ask them. But how do you know where to display your questions to make sure your clients see it? On the social media, of course. This is one of the top benefits of social media: you can connect to your followers – your potential clients – to find out what they want and what they think of your business without having to hire a market research agency.

This is the power of social media: it is cost-efficient, effective, and it brings your business in front of the people who matter: your potential clients. Through careful content strategy, social media marketing and a consistent sharing plan, you can grow your fitness business and make it successful with minimum costs.