Working in or Working On your Biz

How Adequate Advertising Campaigns Help You Avoid This Choice

There is a great question all entrepreneurs should ask themselves: am I working in my business or on my business? This question aims to define if you are on top of your game, managing a business, or completely overwhelmed by various tasks that keep your business barely afloat.

So, are you working out or sweating off in your fitness business? If you barely break even and you have to chase every potential customer with discounts and special offers through Facebook ads which barely make it worthwhile for you to stay in business, then you are definitely sweating off. It’s time to change that and turn your business into a successful enterprise.

Now, I’ve seen enough fitness professionals who were stellar working for others and lost their touch when they chose to run their own business – because they are great at following a system and a routine, but have little knowledge about creating and running their own system.

So, what would a great promotional system look like? Here are some thoughts for starters:

1. Promote Your Videos

So, a photo is worth 1,000 words, which means that a video is worth a million words. All fitness pros make great videos with their workout routines, but not all of them are successful. Why? Promotion is what makes the difference!

Successful trainers maintain a great YouTube channel, promote snippets of their videos through Facebook ads or as Vines and reach a lot of people with the same video. If you simply post the video on your website, it means that it will be viewed only by people who already know about your business and are your clients.

2. Manage Discount Campaigns Wisely

It is easy to fall victim to the discount trend just to get people to come to your gym or sign up for your basic program. If you keep offering high percentage discounts, such as a free first week of training, etc., people will get used to these discounts and you will end up selling yourself cheap.

Remember that once discounts become the norm, you will never be able to sell packages or subscriptions at the regular price again. People will simply wait until they see another promotional discount code in Facebook ads or in a newsletter.

3. Optimise Your Ads

Great online advertising campaigns did not just happen overnight. At first there were two or three ads out there. And then their results were compared. And the top performing ad was selected and put up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is a sketchy way of defining A/B testing – but basically this is what it is. In terms of Facebook ads, you can design two slightly different ads (for

instance, with different calls to action) and test them for the same amount of time on two similar groups of people. Then you compare the traffic funnel and conversion rate you obtained from each of them and find out your winner.

4. Think Like Your Clients

When you prepare video material, either for Facebook ads or for your YouTube channel, try to think what would persuade potential clients to choose you. Do you offer them a simple routine, which they can fit into their busy schedule? Can you develop a set of simple and effective exercises to lose fat and grow firm abs quickly?

You are not in this business to become a star. You are supposed to understand your clients’ limitations in terms of time and fitness and develop routines which they can follow, and which work and offer them satisfaction.

Any type of business promotion is difficult these days. For fitness business, the challenge is ever greater – because your typical client has already tried and lost faith in several other programs. When you develop your Facebook ads and promotional campaigns, remember to be as genuine as you can and promise real, achievable benefits.

Coach Hare